Our Root Cellar Produce

 Since its inception, the Old Country Market has been known for its fresh and local produce. “Our Root Cellar” is an open air produce market, similar to what started the business so many years ago. The market, which supports many local farmers and producers along with top quality wholesalers, remains one of the strongest produce stores in our area. Our philosophy is to maintain the best quality produce while still providing the best price possible.

International Groceries

Each year we work hard to find new and exciting foods for our customers to enjoy. From the Far East to Down Under we have an ever-growing selection of imported goods. Due to the strong support from our European customers, we carry a large variety of foods from (almost) every country in Europe. We are also finding wonderful goods that say “hey we are Canadian, eh!” including many items from right here on Vancouver Island.


Our deli features the world’s greatest smoked salmon! These products are smoked just minutes away, are always produced from wild salmon, and as often as we can they are caught in our own local waters. We also have a vast and varying selection of cheeses imported from Europe and around the world. There is also a selection from local Vancouver Island cheese makers… whether you prefer cow’s milk, sheep’s milk or even goat’s milk (and no, not from our goats), we have what you need. If you’re travelling to the West Coast, be sure to stop by for our selection of Made in BC pepperoni, sausages, salami and other meats to build your imagination’s greatest snacks and sandwiches!