Twin brother to Nibbles, he was born on March 3, 2014. Minyon is the bigger of the twins and is ready to take charge of any situtation. During the off season he watches over the rest of his herd and alerts his owners if the other goats have got into any mischief.  For such a tough guy he definitely has a weak spot for belly scratches though! Minyon and his brother started working on the roof when they were just kids; this is their fourth season with us. Minyon’s favorite snacks are Maple leaves, apples and carrot tops.


Twin brother to Minyon, he was also born on March 3, 2014. Their dad Billy was a Pygmy cross who used to go up on the roof too, but has since retired. Their mama, Cocoa, is a Toggenburg/Fainting cross and takes care of all the other goats at home in the winter. Nibbles is the shyest of the bunch, but he still knows how to pose for the camera! His favorite snacks… hard to say… he likes to eat a little bit of everything.


He loves attention and scratches behind the ears. His favorite snacks are maple leaves, apples and purple cabbage. 

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Ever wonder what it’s like to live on the roof of the Old Country Market? How the roof stays so green? Or even what is the best flavour of ice cream to try? Well, feel free to ask the goats! They know the answer to practically everything about the Market, and enjoy receiving mail from people all around the world.